Lighting & Plumbing Upgrades

Whether you’d like to upgrade your lighting and plumbing for functional or aesthetic reasons, Neighbor’s Choice Remodeling & Repair in Pocatello can help!

Light Fixture Upgrades

Proper lighting can be a conversation piece, enhance the beauty of your home, or illuminate your 3am walk to the bathroom. Light fixtures are also some of the first things people change during their home renovation

Neighbor’s Choice has the experience and expertise to help with your light fixture upgrades. Changing a light fixture may seem simple (and they sometimes can be); however, when it comes to electrical, it is best to leave it to a licensed professional.

Plumbing Upgrades

From water-wise plumbing solutions to brand new faucets, Neighbor’s Choice can help accomplish the goals for your home plumbing system.

Reliable Lighting & Plumbing Upgrades In:

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